Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Some Videos

I seem to have a thing for recording videos while at high speeds coming down Mount Lemmon. Suffice to say, out of all the videos I've 'tried' to take (emphasis on 'tried,' as most of them are worse than a bad 'shaky camera' horror film,) a few turned out decent (and by decent, I mean it doesn't feel like your watching the inside view from a demolition derby!) Here are a few so far:

This one is from the first climb that Jonna, Elliot, Megan, and Jenn all did together. While decending past Windy Point, I decided to snag some video:

This video is from later on in that same decent, while we were FLYING down the mountain. Just had to grab the footage. I had also tried to get some footage while screaming past Jenn, but I screwed it up. Not always easy to film WHILE going over 60km/h:

This next video was me on Easter, my little 'present' to myself (yeah, sick and twisted, I know, to consider 30miles of climbing with a vertical ascent of almost 10,000ft, as a 'gift.') Just after the video, I rode down into Summerhaven just to be POSITIVE that the 'Cookie Cabin' really existed. It did:

This is Jonna and I on our last climb of Lemmon together this trip, as we're rolling into Summerhaven. As you can see, we're pretty damn excited:

This is after our gorge-fest at the Cookie Cabin, as I let the increase in gravitational forces (mainly due to large amounts of cookies, coffee, and pizza,) propel me down Mount Lemmon (and past Jonna.) Shaky yet again, but you get the picture:

On the theme of videos, here is one of the songs on my playlist for the decent of Lemmon. It helps me push corners just a wee bit harder, and pedal just a little faster. Pretty much sums up how I like to decend: Bonkers.

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