Monday, April 4, 2011

Las Vegas Take-Down, Day 2 and 3

After one of the BEST sleeps I've probably had in a long time, I woke up on saturday feeling very refreshed. After a delicious breakfast, including my favourite new thing to eat, a GIANT breakfast smoothie with frozen berries, almond milk, yogurt, and all my 'extra' little macro/micro nutrient and protein mixes, I got to work putting my bike together. After some mild persuasion, I got it all ready to roll. Then it was time to hit out on the open road!

Riding the "small" hills
I had heard about a good little route that goes through the Red Rock Canyon, that was supposed to be a really hard climbing route. I kinda bypassed it, I decided I'd ride the canyon on sunday, and just cruised through the different valleys around Vegas, stopping in at local bike shops and stores to check things out. Post ride was a big brick run, and since I dont have a car, I threw a backpack on and finished the run at the grocery store to pick up a few odds and ends (such as after-sun lotion, stupid me I got a sunburn!!) Suffice to say, my first full day of training was AWESOME, it must've gotten up to the high 20's, maybe even close to 30 degrees. Lots of exploring for sure.

Speaking of exploring, I noticed a few things:
1. there are a TON of smoke/hookah shops in vegas. And I mean a LOT.

Fueling up post training, chicken fajita style!
2. Think there's a lot of Sushi joints in Vancouver? I dont think our precious Vancouver can hold a candle to Vegas, TONS of them EVERYWHERE.

So after some great training, time for some dinner and hopefully an early bedtime.

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